Rastikijada 2020


Rastikijada is a unique culinary event in Herzegovina. 31. 10. 2020. from 14h

hvala našim pokroviteljima na potpori u organizaciji Raštikijade 2020

Rastikijada 2020

Rastikijada is a unique culinary event in Herzegovina. It has been held since 2012 at Agritourism Marica Gaj in late October or early November. Rastikijada is a combination of a culinary competition in the preparation kale dishes, presentation of local culture and entertainment. The competition is international in nature, and every year more and more teams apply from different regions and countries to present their recipes and ways to prepare kale. Competition teams, which are composed of 3 members, prepare the meals on the event and have 3 hours for cooking. After preparing the meal, a jury of professional chefs and tourism professionals evaluates encrypted dishes with grades of 5-10 in several categories. They are rated the best traditional kale meals, the best innovative kale meals, the most charming crew and the most beautiful stand In addition to the preparation of kale dishes, the competing teams also present and offer to their visitors the tasting of other dishes that characterize their region or country. The cultural and entertaining part consists of performances by tamburitza folklore groups in order to present the local culture to visitors.

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